A properly running air conditioner is important for both your overall home comfort and your pocketbook. Unfortunately, your Triangle home cooling system may experience several common AC problems that can put a damper on a summer day. Such problems often arise from poor installation, faulty operation, and/or inadequate maintenance and processes. For example, for most efficient AC operation, it’s important to keep windows and doors closed while the system is running.

Other common AC problems are caused by:

Refrigerant leaks – Your cooling system’s refrigerant charge or level should be inspected annually. A low refrigerant level may be caused by improper charging during installation or last service inspection, or by nasty leaks. Leaking refrigerant is harmful both to the environment and your family’s health. Low refrigerant levels can damage your sensitive equipment and cause whole system malfunctions.

Poor maintenance – You should be regularly cleaning your air conditioner’s coils and replacing air filters as necessary. When either of these components have dirt and dust buildup, they impact the working efficiency of the cooling equipment. This makes equipment work harder, causing increased wear and tear that can lead to premature breakdowns requiring expensive repair and replacement.

Electric control failure – If your air conditioner frequently cycles on and off or is oversized for your North Carolina home, you will likely experience a premature failing compressor and fan controls. During annual service, an ob体育赛事 technician should inspect these components and look for any potential corrosion in the system’s electrical contacts and connections.

Drainage issues – If your air conditioner’s condensate pan is overflowing or has a disconnected drain pipe, it can automatically shut the air conditioner off. If yours suddenly turns off for no apparent reason, inspect this condensate drain and clean out any clogs or, if possible, reconnect a loose drain pipe.

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