The summer and winters in the Triangle can put a strain on any ob体育赛事 system. If it’s receiving proper maintenance, your ob体育赛事 equipment should last you approximately 10 years, but even the best equipment eventually wears out.

The following are common signs that your ob体育赛事 system isn’t running well anymore and may need to be replaced:

Inefficient Cooling or Heating of Your Home  – If you feel like you’re running the AC or heat on high yet still not quite feeling comfortable, there’s probably something wrong with your ob体育赛事 equipment. If it’s a struggle to get your home’s temperature under control, it’s probably time to consider a new system.

Burning Smells  – If you smell something burning when you turn on your AC or heat, that’s a dangerous sign. It means the insulation has come off of the wires. This problem needs to be addressed immediately because it poses a potential hazard, or could mean that other parts of your ob体育赛事 system have been compromised. While it is possible to replace burnt out wires, the fact that it’s happening indicates your system is wearing out.

Constant Maintenance Needed  – You should rarely need to call someone between scheduled maintenance visits. If you’re constantly calling for another repair or requesting additional freon, your ob体育赛事 system is worn out. In that case, you’d save more money in the long run if you got a new system instead of paying to keep fixing yours.

High Electricity Bills  – Many homeowners spend hundreds of dollars on energy costs every month. If you’re one of these homeowners, you may be willing to do everything to increase your home’s energy efficiency.  An inadequate sized ob体育赛事 system for your home could reduce efficiency by as much as 30 percent. A professional will be able to determine the correct size needed by using industry standard calculations. If your ob体育赛事 system is installed incorrectly, it may have a shortened life span, along with multiple breakdowns along the way.

As with all things, ob体育赛事 systems do not last forever. As important as maintaining a vehicle you drive every day, your ob体育赛事 system needs to be properly maintained as well with regularly scheduled seasonal maintenance. Even still, no matter what you do to keep your ob体育赛事 system in good condition, it will become outdated and inefficient in time. It may not be enough to repair or maintain your ob体育赛事 system to improve efficiency. Typically, if a repair will cost more than 50% of a new system, it’s best to just install a new system.

6 & Fix Heating and Cooling installation specialists provide quick, convenient, expert advice and written estimates for new ob体育赛事 systems. They offer installation specials and  convenient financing options Contact a 6 & Fix Heating and Cooling specialist today .

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