Raleigh area residents know how uncomfortable homes become during the region’s hot and humid summers. That’s why the vast majority of property owners insist on having air conditioning . While AC systems generally last for several years, there are definite differences in competing manufacturers’ quality levels. 

It’s important to discuss your AC options with a qualified technician before selecting a system. At 6 & Fix, we recommend using quality systems from Daikin. The company is a global leader in ob体育赛事 and supplies systems designed for both residential and commercial customers.

Why Choose Daikin?

Within the last few years, Daikin has gone to great lengths to update its air conditioning products line and offers models with a SEER rating of up to 24.5. That’s higher than the majority of AC systems currently marketed. Why is opting for a high-efficiency system important? Because your comfort matters.

In regions where the weather doesn’t get as hot as the Raleigh area, choosing a budget system might make sense, as the unit won’t be working as hard to keep a home cool. However, in cities like Raleigh, the summers are intensely hot and humid. That means a home’s AC system will be taxed virtually every day from May through October.

If your home is in an area with a hot climate during all or part of the year, a great ob体育赛事 option is the Daikin Fit. The Daikin Fit has several fantastic features, one being its compatibility with AI devices like the Amazon Alexa. Adjusting the temperature in your home is a breeze. The system is self-regulating, meaning it’s always on and working,

amazon alexa

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adjusting the temperature for you. At the same time, it’s fully modulating, meaning it doesn’t waste energy. That’s why it’s a solid choice for our humid weather here in the Triangle area; the system always targets the optimal power needed. 

The Daikin Fit’s premium air filtration measures minimize airborne particles, creating dust, dander, and pollen-free environment. Additionally, the Daikin Fit is ultra-quiet, so you’ll never be annoyed with a traditional ob体育赛事’s loud noises. The Daikin Fit offers supreme features, but it is also budget-friendly and takes up far less room in your yard. 

While the Daikin Fit is a great option, other options might work better for your space. One comforting thing to note about all Daikin models is that they have an industry-leading warranty: 12 years on parts and labor.

Our team is happy to help you discuss the pros and cons of Daikin and other units before you make a decision. 

Selecting the Best System Takes a Little Time, Research, and Planning

In the past, many ob体育赛事 contractors estimated the square footage, recommending a capable system for that space. Technicians sometimes recommend larger units to ensure enough capacity. That wasn’t the best way to pick a system.

Square footage continues to be one variable considered when considering a system, but there are other considerations. Many older homes have minimal insulation. That means the house will be harder to cool than a newer, super-insulated property. The number and sizes of windows and doors are also significant when computing a home’s AC needs

It’s also important to spec the best system for a building and not opt for units that are too small or large. Properly sized Daikin AC systems will be far more efficient than any system that’s too large or small for the structure. 

Systems for Every Space

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when selecting an AC system. The system model and capacity should reflect the home’s requirements. That’s why working with an ob体育赛事 expert is always recommended. 

If your home doesn’t have a duct system to distribute the conditioned air, it’s possible to add ducts to heat and cool all rooms efficiently. In cases where installing ductwork is not realistic, homeowners are encouraged to consider a mini-split system. Mini-split systems are convenient and efficient, with SEER ratings of up to 19. 

Heat pumps are also popular, and many homeowners are surprised at how well heat pumps work to heat and cool homes in the Raleigh area. Take the time to review all your options before selecting heating and cooling systems. Choose the Daikin system that will deliver the best performance over the life of the equipment.

Always Consider Indoor Air Quality

Modern homes are far more airtight than those built in the past. Owners of older homes are now updating their properties to minimize the loss of heated and cooled air. That’s all good, but having an airtight home also has drawbacks. 

The EPA states that indoor air quality in homes is often far worse than the air outside. That means residents are routinely breathing air contaminated with pollutants that can cause or exacerbate conditions affecting their eyes, nose, and throat. At the same time, poor indoor air quality can also cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Anyone with known respiratory issues will also want to consider making changes that will improve indoor air quality.

Daikin markets a range of filtration systems designed to help users deal with poor indoor air quality. Technicians recommend filters that pair easily with AC and heating equipment in Raleigh area homes. The price points vary based on the type of filtration system purchased. 

Contact the Experts for All Service and Installation Needs

Before deciding to update an aging AC system with a new AC installation , take the time to contact the experts at 6 & Fix Heating and Cooling to help you determine what steps to take. If a system is older and frequently requires significant repairs, it may be time to update the system.

However, servicing many older systems can provide more years of comfort before they need replacing. Minor repairs can be dealt with quickly, and the repair technician will always discuss the pros and cons of repair vs. replacement so you can make the best decision for your home’s needs. 

Remember, there are numerous options available when the time comes to update your AC system. The technician will evaluate your current system to determine if simply replacing a unit with a new one will be the best option. If your home would benefit by updating to a different type of Daikin AC system, the AC expert will explain the benefits and the various costs involved. 

Getting Started Is Easy!

The first step in repairing or replacing your home’s AC system is to contact the 6 & Fix Heating and Cooling team now. Use the messaging system or call the office for immediate help or schedule an evaluation of your home’s AC system.

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