Spring is a great time to get rid of winter dust and prepare for the warmer weather.

We recently talked about the impact of indoor air quality on your health .  Cleaning supports a strong immune system, helps you get better sleep, and can improve heart health. Here are some ways to improve your indoor air:

  • Open the windows. In North Carolina, pollen will soon descend upon us, and most of us will close our windows. Take time now to enjoy fresh breezes and air out your house.
  • Change your air filters. Depending on your use and system, you probably need to change filters once a month. It’s easy to forget, so set a reminder on your calendar.
  • Consider your indoor plants. Plants can add oxygen to the air and may help in some ways. But according to Harvard Health , if you’re prone to allergies, especially mold, they may hurt more than they help.
  • Do some spring cleaning! Use this to-do list to make the most of your indoor air quality.


Spring Cleaning Checklist 

Indoor To-Dos 

  •    Wipe down all surfaces – everything from tables to mirrors.
  •    Dust all surfaces, including light fixtures, ceiling fans, and curtain rods.
  •    Vacuum each room in the house, including stairs.
  •    Deep clean appliances (oven, microwave, refrigerator).
  •    Clean sinks, tubs, and showers.
  •    Wash all bedding and pillows plus your curtains.
  •    Change batteries and organize all electronics.
  •    Store away winter items, including clothes and decorations.   
  •   Organize closets, donating unwanted/outgrown clothes.
  •    Clean air ducts.


Outdoor To-Dos 

  •    Check and clean your dryer vent outside your house.
  •    Sweep porches and decks.
  •    Organize the garage and remove unnecessary items.
  •    Wash the windows.
  •    Clean out gutters.
  •    Wipe down all outdoor furniture and vacuum cushions that were stored away.
  •    Clean the grill.
  •    Update landscaping as necessary.

If you are not so keen on cleaning, we would love to help you out! At 6 and Fix , we offer cleaning services for air ducts, air filters, and dryer vents. Contact  us today for an air duct cleaning or to check your ob体育赛事.

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