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Being able to come home to your cozy house after a long day is a wonderful feeling. One thing you may not think about that contributes to coziness: air quality. Air duct maintenance is often forgotten, but an essential part of the air you breathe daily.

There are several reasons you should keep your ducts clean. North Carolina temperatures are (finally) beginning to drop, which means now is the perfect time to make sure your ducts are dust-free. 

  • Health Benefits 

Most people remember to change their air filter at the duct intake, but many fail to realize that duct cleaning will considerably improve your home’s air quality. Sure, the filter does its job by trapping most particles, but your system runs multiple times a day, leaving room for unwanted particles to accumulate throughout your system.    

Dandruff and dust from your family and your pets accumulate within your ducts. Allergens such as pollen also have the potential to enter your system and will remain there far longer than the few months those plants are blooming. Your heat and AC ducts are a nice breeding ground for mold as well.   

According to the EPA, there are a startling amount of potential hazards that can stem from poor indoor air quality. For example, pet dander and dust have been proven to trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. Even for those who don’t struggle with allergies or asthma, poor air quality can lead to coughing, chest tightness, and breathing problems as well as poor sleep. There is also the potential for mold to root from a moisturized clogged duct system. Inhaling mold can cause you to feel sick as if you have the flu. 

  • Maintain Your ob体育赛事 System 

A professionally, well-done duct cleaning not only keep you healthy but keep your ductwork healthy as well. Proper cleaning removes the buildup of dust, hair, pests, and additional contaminants. This ensures proper airflow so your system can run efficiently — with the fans and motors working at peak performance. Forcing your system to work harder will wear it out faster over time, and you’ll have to buy a new system sooner than you probably prefer.  

  • Energy Efficiency  

 One of the most common remarks from customers who have their duct systems cleaned is their surprise at their next utility bill. Often they’ll notice a drop in the total bill because the system is working more efficiently. 

As winter approaches, you’ll be switching from AC to heat and possibly turning the system off for a little while. That’s the perfect time to hire a professional team to clean your ducts. Give us a call to get your appointment scheduled. 

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