When your AC breaks, you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. After all, here in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the Triangle, it’s hot! Summer is nearly impossible without a working air conditioner. 

Now you’re wondering: How much is it going to cost to repair the AC?

Repair costs for air conditioners vary, of course, with the national average around $320. Here are a few things that will determine the cost to repair your ob体育赛事 system:

  • jar of coins spilling AC The age of the AC. Older systems may require parts more difficult to find or may not be as easy to repair due to the way things have changed.
  • The part that is broken. Replacing a drain tube is far less than the cost of replacing a condenser coil, both due to the part costs and the labor. A clogged line is a reasonably straightforward issue and we can repair it easily and somewhat quickly. 
  • The type of refrigerant. AC repair often includes replacing or adding refrigerant. ob体育赛事 systems use two types, but one of them, R-22, is being phased out. R-22 is more expensive than the new R410A . However, you can’t use the newer refrigerant with an older system. 
  • Whether it’s a leak. Refrigerant leaks are a common AC problem but take some time to fix. Part of the problem is that leaks can come from many places in the system. They can affect the copper tubing, shipping valves, weld joints, valve cores, and filter canisters. Our technicians will check all of these and then replace the leaky part. 


Cost to Replace an Air Conditioner

Replacing the entire AC is not ideal, we know. But sometimes systems are too broken or too old, and repairs just don’t make sense or won’t correct the problem. It’s smart to replace your existing air conditioner when repairs will cost 30 percent of a new system. If your electricity bills are going up, that’s also a sign it’s time to replace your AC; today’s systems are far more efficient. (Learn more about the SEER , or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.) 

Our 6 and Fix team will give you more information on site about replacing an air conditioner. Some of the factors that determine how much a new one will cost include: 

  • The size of your house (which determines the type of system needed). 
  • The ductwork and how it’s arranged. Some systems are far easier to install than others due to the way a home is built. 
  • The brand of the system. Brands have different lifespans, manufacturer’s warranties, levels of efficiency, and add-ons such as a WiFi thermostat. 


Learn more about AC replacement on our FAQs page . If you’re concerned about the cost, check out our financing options .

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