If your air conditioner doesn’t turn on or isn’t working all of the sudden, you’re thinking, “Uh oh.” Summer in North Carolina is a challenge without an AC! 

If you contact us before 6 p.m., we’ll come out that same day to take a look. Of course, you may want to troubleshoot your AC problem first before calling a Triangle AC repair team. If you’re the DIY homeowner, here are some items to check: 

Thermostat – Confirm it is set to “cool.” We know this sounds silly, but it’s funny how many times someone in the house turns off the AC, and the other person doesn’t realize it. The other place to check is to make sure the thermostat is showing a reading; it may only need new batteries. 

Circuit Breakers – Sometimes a power surge, thunderstorm, or brief power loss will cause your circuit breakers to trip. Check your main panel first, then any outlets with GCFI buttons to see if they have tripped. You can also try flipping the breaker off then on again to see if the AC kicks back on. 

Air Filter – A clogged air filter will make your air conditioning and heating less efficient, meaning the system has to work harder. You may notice an increase in your electricity bill when this occurs. If your filter gets too dirty or really clogged, the AC will turn off. 

Service Disconnect Switch – Near your unit outside, there should be a metal box hanging onto the house. Inside is a service disconnect switch. Confirm that the switch has not been pressed. It’s unlikely, but it’s one more place to check as you’re troubleshooting your AC. 

Other Issues

If all of those items check out just fine, here are some other things to make note of. However, for these issues, you should contact an AC repair team for help. 

  • If you hear a bubbling noise or if warm air is blowing from your vents, your refrigerant may be low. Formerly known as freon , the type of refrigerant used is changing, so please contact us to evaluate your system.  
  • Drain Line – As the air conditioner runs, it will generate condensation, and you may see water on the ground nearby your unit. Sometimes, an AC drain line will become clogged, which will stop the unit. Some AC units have a switch that will turn off the unit if there is a condensation backup. The drain line doesn’t often become clogged but is more likely to happen on systems that don’t receive regular maintenance
  • Should you hear strange noises or smell burning odors from your system, contact us immediately. 
  • If your system is not keeping up with the thermostat settings, contact us because there is likely a bigger issue.

If you have questions about your air conditioner or if it’s not working, contact us today!

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