The Raleigh NC area is far from the temperate zone, and so it is important to be ready for whatever weather may come.  This means planning before the need is present to take care of your home’s heating and air systems. The professionals at 6 and Fix are able to provide for your needs in all the following areas.

Emergency AC Repair

Right now, everybody in Apex NC is as busy as they might be just living life. They are keeping up with work schedules, bills, commuter schedules, and after-school activities. It is a juggling act, and sometimes there’s more month than money and more things to do than time to do them. Understandably, sometimes something like air-conditioner maintenance gets neglected until that woeful moment when it’s blazing hot outside, and the unit refuses to turn on.  

Naturally, the timing is awful. That’s why at 6 & Fix, we offer emergency service for air conditioning repair .

ob体育赛事 Installation and Repair

Every home has its quirks, and that includes those with outdated air conditioning and heating systems . Sometimes, even the best ob体育赛事 systems wear out and need replacement. Recently manufactured ob体育赛事 units have better and different capacities than older ones. So if your system is outdated or even no longer working, it’s time to look into a replacement. When it comes time for a new ob体育赛事 installation , we can help.

No matter what your home needs, we will have the perfect solution. If you think it’s time for a new ob体育赛事 unit in your home, let the professionals at ob欧宝体育iOSapp下载 install a brand new, reliable, efficient system with an unmatched 10 years Parts & Labor Warranty. All of our installation projects are performed and installed by highly experienced and certified professionals. You can rest assured that your new ob体育赛事 system will be installed properly and efficiently.

Pre-season Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is always worth the investment. All homeowners should have their unit inspected and examined each year — twice a year for units that both heat and cool. Units that are inspected on the regular and maintained properly have longer lives and tend to not malfunction as much as units that are not maintained.

Homeowners can help keep their systems running smoothly by regularly changing their filters and keeping debris from gathering around the exterior of their units. Call one of our technicians to check and clean the inner coils, wiring, and Freon, and for any necessary repairs needed inside the cabinet. It is also smart to have a pre-season check on your ob体育赛事 system before turning it on for the first time.

Interior Air Quality is the Goal

The goal of any well-thought-out home heating and air system is to improve and maintain the quality of the home’s interior air. Not only does the air in one’s home need heating and cooling for the residents’ comfort, but it also needs to be clean. Air quality considerations include its flow, temperature, and oxygen and pollutant levels. People require clean air to breathe to live well. Human health suffers in conditions of poor air quality.

It is imperative, therefore, for every homeowner to remain continuously aware of the air quality in their homes. When the need exists for remediation, call the ob体育赛事 professionals who are able to provide not just filtration, but also duct cleaning . This procedure kills any mold or fungi lurking in the ductwork. It also loosens and then removes all dirt and dust present within the lines and vacuums it out with a high-powered suction device located outside the house on a truck.

The properties of indoor air vary from house to house depending upon a wide variety of factors ranging from the number and species of pets in the home and the amount of floor traffic it receives to the quality of the materials that used in its construction — and everything in-between. Our certified technicians, in consultation with a homeowner, are qualified to determine a home’s indoor air quality needs. 

In conclusion, nobody ever wants to be that person who gets caught short because they failed to plan ahead. Lack of heating and cooling is great discomfort and an inconvenience. It also leaves people vulnerable to health issues, particularly when they are very old, very young, or infirm. This vulnerability increases in times of extreme temperatures, which are common in the Apex, NC area. Don’t get caught off guard. Make an appointment with 6 & Fix today.

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