One of the most significant ways that energy escapes from your home is through unsealed ductwork. If your ductwork isn’t properly sealed, you could be letting 20% of conditioned air escape . The best and most efficient way to combat this issue is through the process of duct sealing, and 6 & Fix has now teamed up with Aeroseal to provide the best duct sealing technology.  It can save you big time and should be a priority if your home has ductwork, especially in hot climates where you run the air conditioning for a significant portion of the year. If you don’t want your precious AC going to waste, keep reading. 

1. Comfort 

Does it feel like the temperature is never quite right in your home? Like it’s warm and humid in the summer and drafty and cool in the winter? Proper duct sealing can fix this problem altogether. Duct systems develop holes, cracks, and leaks after a few years, letting hot and cold air escape. To better regulate the temperature and up the comfort level in your home, be sure your ducts are sealed. No more hot summers and cold winters for you! Well, at least inside.

2. Air Quality 

If you have leaky ducts in your home, duct sealing can also improve your air quality. Allergens, pollutants, and dust are easily able to enter your home through cracks and leaks in your system and pollute the air you breathe. Once your ducts are sealed, you’ll experience a significant improvement in air quality, which is essential for those with asthma and certain allergies. If you’ve noticed that the air quality in your home is sub-par, get in contact with the 6 & Fix team

3. Reduce Cost

We already note that you could be letting 20% of conditioned air escape through unsealed ductwork, but you’re not just losing AC, you’re losing money! Properly sealing your ob体育赛事 system will increase efficiency and decrease the amount of energy you use. As we all know, the less energy you use, the lower your energy bill will be. Another consideration is the ob体育赛事 system itself. With the help of duct sealing, your ob体育赛事 system won’t have to work so hard, increasing its lifespan. 

4. Safety 

If your home uses gas appliances such as water heaters, dryers, and furnaces, you’ll want to consider this. Gas appliances release combustion gases, like carbon monoxide , and leaky ducts can contribute to these gasses traveling back into your home. This is called back-drafting and your leaky ducts can cause the harmful gasses to be drawn into your home instead of being released outside. Don’t take this risk and invest in duct sealing. 


If you would like to learn more about duct sealing contact the 6 & Fix team to schedule an evaluation of your home’s ductwork.

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