Like many homeowners, you are probably wondering if buying an equipment warranty on your new ob体育赛事 system is necessary. With some products, warranties feel like a waste of money. Not true with your ob体育赛事 system!

Today’s ob体育赛事 systems are designed to last longer , which is great, but this means a more extended warranty is also crucial to keep the overall cost of your ob体育赛事 system and future repairs down. While comparing different units’ costs and features, it’s important to pay attention to the various warranties that are offered.

A Warning for New Homeowners

A new heating and cooling system is a significant investment in your home. It is not uncommon for an older system to break within the first year of moving in. Why is that? Basically, the entire heating and cooling system goes through a major change in its routine, and it wreaks havoc on the decades-old system. If your house was on the market for a while before you moved in, the ob体育赛事 system was likely laying dormant or working at low capacity during that time. Plus, you have no idea how the previous homeowners maintained, cleaned, and repaired the system during its lifetime. By some estimates, 20% of new homeowners face a failed heating or cooling system within the first year. Even if you haven’t thought about potentially replacing your ob体育赛事 system, a new one may be in your future.

Are ob体育赛事 Warranties Necessary?

ob体育赛事 warranties come in two types: one to cover the labor and another to cover the parts or equipment. The parts are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, and the labor costs are covered under your ob体育赛事 service company’s warranty.

Manufacturer Warranty

Equipment warranties cover faulty part malfunctions and failures. If your system quits because of manufacturer error and that part is still under warranty, it will likely be replaced by the manufacturer free of charge.

When your unit breaks, it will feel like a crisis, but at least you will have the peace of mind that a warranty brings, helping to decrease your anxiety and frustration about the entire mishap.

Like any warranty or insurance plan, the less expensive options also come with less coverage and higher out-of-pocket expenses. Most ob体育赛事 systems will come with a 5-year warranty. However, newer ob体育赛事 systems are meant to last 10-15 years, which means it’s a good idea to buy an additional, extended warranty. Most systems will not fail within five years. In some cases, you can extend your warranty by registering the product, then your warranty life doubles. The registration process differs with each contractor, but we’re happy to talk you through it upon installation or over the phone beforehand.

Labor Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty will not cover labor costs, so consider purchasing a labor warranty. A new, reliable, and efficient system may still fail without expert installation, cleaning, and routine maintenance.

At 6 and Fix, we pride ourselves on the unmatched performance of our highly experienced professionals. Each unit we install comes with a 10-year part and labor warranty to ensure your home is heated and cooled for at least a decade.

If you employ others to install your ob体育赛事 system, check with that team about its labor warranty. If they don’t offer one, you will pay the standard repair and replacement fees associated with each component even if they are covered under your manufacturer warranty.

Getting the Most From Your Warranty

You’re all set with your warranty, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your system. To keep your ob体育赛事 unit in good shape and lasting those 10 years (or more!), have a team service your system annually or semi-annually. An air conditioner and furnace system cannot properly function without lubrication, new filters, and other essential adjustments.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, insurance and warranty choices are decisions that tend to be made emotionally, depending on your personality type. Are you one who likes security? Do you tend to prepare for the inevitable and even the worst case scenario? Or are you more of the gambling type?

Whichever category you fall into, we can offer you our knowledge and expertise in ob体育赛事 systems and warranties and you can decide what is best for your home.

The real bottom line? Choose a good contractor and a good system. You can call, email, or message us directly on our website .

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